Are you considering reroofing your original cedar shake roof?

Man-made imitation roofing products cannot compare to genuine cedar shakes.


Here are the facts about Real Cedar Shakes:


  • PREMIUM FIRST-GROWTH HEARTWOOD is used for production of real cedar shakes, we don’t harvest immature trees!

  • 40 years to Lifetime warranties are available with PROVEN Factory Pressure Preservative Treated Shakes, providing additional protection against humid climates!

  • IMPACT RESISTANT Edge Grain Premium Grade 3/4" Butt Heavy Shakes and Edge Grain Premium Grade 7/8" Butt Tapersawn Shakes have the highest CLASS 4 RATING!

  • Real Cedar Shakes have the HIGHEST INSULATION VALUE of any roofing product, proven to save thousands of dollars in heating and cooling compared to imitations.

  • Real Cedar Shakes have the HIGHEST WIND RESISTANCE of any roofing product.

  • Real Cedar Shakes are the only RENEWABLE roofing choice, newly planted forests are busy consuming carbon while imitations create pollution during production.

  • Real Cedar Shakes can be applied right over ORIGINAL roof strapping, no need to resheet the roof or fortify with expensive plywood.

  • No unsightly mismatched color blotches on the roof with Real Cedar Shakes, just the enduring BEAUTY that only nature can provide.

  • Finest quality Premium Grade old growth Western Red Cedar Shakes with a lifetime warranty available for your roof.


The Original True Green Choice