Getting serious about environmental roofing choices?

Here’s how real Western Red Cedar compares to its pale imitations:


Renewable Resource:

Real Western Red Cedar roofing is the only renewable roofing resource. While other roofing products are produced by permanently extracting natural resources, our world recognized forestry stewardship ensures true sustainability.


Lowest Carbon Footprint:

Production of Real Western Cedar Shakes and Shingles uses the lowest amount of energy and emits the lowest amount of pollution than any other roofing product. While other imitations, including the “recycled” ones, are adding to greenhouse gas and pollution during production, our replanted trees are busy consuming carbon. Lightweight Cedar Roofing is also the lowest in fuel cost to transport than its heavier imitators.


Highest Insulation Resistance Value:

Fact: Cedar shakes and shingles have a superior insulating value to other roofing products, keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. During infrared heat tests conducted at the University of Texas at Arlington, cedar roofs kept ventilated attic spaces 26°F cooler than asphalt shingles. The Federal Housing Administration reports the “R-value” of cedar shingles to be double that of asphalt shingles, 4 times that of fiber-cement shingles, and 18 times better than slate. Heating and cooling savings can pay for the premium price of real cedar roofing in 10 years or less. Reduced energy usage means less greenhouse gas emissions too.



The Only Renewable Resource Roofing Material.

Lowest by far in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission during production.

The Best Environmental Choice.